About the Artist

Hello and welcome to Gracie Berckes Art. I am glad you have stopped by.

I love creating art.

When I was ten years old I painted my family’s Christmas card and after the feedback I received from it, decided to launch my greeting card business with the fancy name, Grace’s Gracious Gifts. Since then my business might not have quite as flashy of a name, but it has grown along with my passion for creating and selling my artwork. My love for the arts thrived as I studied Art Education at SDSU in Brookings, South Dakota. Showing kids how creating art benefits them no matter what their area of interest is has been so rewarding. During my time at State, taking art classes and education classes helped me further my dream of writing and illustrating children’s books. Since graduating from SDSU in December of 2016, my business continues to evolve through selling my artwork worldwide on my Etsy shop, working on custom projects, and selling my ready-made gift and home décor options in shops around my hometown of Canby, Minnesota.

Currently, since I’ve graduated college, amongst painting, sculpting, and designing, I have the most amazing and rewarding jobs. I substitute teach for grades Kindergarten-12th, in any and every subject. As you can imagine, this keeps my creative juices flowing because one day I might be playing my ukulele in a 1st grade music class and the next day teaching about South American countries in a senior high Spanish class. Along with subbing, I love working for Sanford Health through teaching fitness classes and an art class at the nursing home. I also have been blessed with the opportunity to work at The Gift, a wonderful shop in my hometown (one of the shops that sells my artwork!). I thank the Lord every day for the beautiful life he has blessed me with and I can’t wait to see what adventures are to come!